Swiftwick Two Aspire

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The ASPIRE TWO in black is perfect for the sports that need a little added protection above the ankle. It is a superior sock for trail running, hiking, or even if you just want to carry a professional look in slacks without having to wear a mid-calf sock. These socks are not to be underestimated. Building on the tradition of manufacturing the best socks we can possibly make in the USA, we strive to improve our products to match your athletic demands. Using the latest machinery available, the new ASPIRE line from Swiftwick is our proudest moment. We considered smaller feet, the narrow foot and athletic activities that demand compression, but less padding in the toe box. We adjusted the formula for key fibers, more than doubled the olefin content and once again, produced the best sock you will ever wear, guaranteed. We have long aspired to create this sock, so the name was obvious. For athletes, the obvious choice is Swiftwick.
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